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Orbital Kinetic Bombardment gets close to nuclear on damage and cost

• by Brian Wang

Two-thirds of the nuclear weapons budget will be spent on the operation and maintenance of existing weaponry, while the remaining third will go toward modernizing the technology. $445 billion will be spent on factories, labs, and other infrastructure, while $25 billion will go toward delivery systems that facilitate short-range strikes.

The US will spend about $300 million per nuclear weapon on the modernization and maintenance.

SpaceX BFR bring orbital kinetic weapons close to cost of nuclear weapons

The first SpaceX BFR could be flying into space in 2023. The SpaceX BFR will be fully reusable and will massively lower the cost of taking cargo to space. SpaceX has already lowered the cost of cargo to space into the $500 to $1000 per pound range using the Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9.

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