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Fmr NFL Star Has Created the 'City of the Future'--First Completely Solar-Powered Town in Am


Bobcock Ranch, FL — Some NFL stars retire from the league and seek a life of relaxation and rest. Others, however, like Syd Kitson, the former NFL lineman for the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers, decided he wanted more. Instead of fading away in the background, he broke ground on Babcock Ranch—which is now hailed as the first city in America that's completely powered by Solar.

Instead of relaxing on the beach in his life after football, Kitson began development of a 17,000-acre property just outside Fort Myers, Florida with the hopes of transforming the abandoned mining land into a solar oasis, and he did.

In 2016, right off the bat, Kitson's company acquired the land and worked with Florida Power & Light to install nearly 350,000 panels with the intention of creating an entirely sustainable town. Now, his hard work is paying off as people are flocking to it.

Instead of chopping out the smallest lots possible to build the most houses possible—like most developers will do—Kitson had a different vision. He took a developmental approach that ensured the town could grow exponentially in size and population and remain sustainable.

"We think about the way we develop differently… It's the most environmentally responsible, the most sustainable new town that's ever been developed," Kitson told Fox News. "And, it's the first solar-powered town in America. And we're very proud of that."

In June, new residents spoke to FOX news and told them about their plans. Jasmin Day was going to give birth to the first ever baby in Babcock Ranch, Florida, and she couldn't have been more hopeful.

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