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'Israeli Sniper' Shoots AP Cameraman Wearing a PRESS Vest as He Films Border Protest


While filming the protests on the Gaza strip, a photographer for the Associated Press—wearing a PRESS vest—was reportedly shot by an Israeli sniper.

(RT) An Associated Press (AP) cameraman has been injured by gunfire while filming a protest in the Gaza Strip, the agency said. He was apparently shot by an Israeli sniper despite wearing clothes identifying him as a media worker.

Rashed Rashid, 47 was injured in the leg on Monday while covering the weekly protest at the Israeli border wall, AP reported. He received multiple bone fractures above the ankle and will require surgery.

Witnesses say Rashid was standing on an elevated area some 600 meters from the fence, when the shooting happened. He was far from protesters and was wearing a blue helmet and brown protective vest with the word "PRESS" clearly written in white. He was also operating a live camera.

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