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The Elites Admit Chemtrailing Is Real In Their New "Dim the Sun" Approach to Global Warmin


Yes, that is correct and these are words of researchers from Harvard and Yale. In effect, these researchers are suggesting a program that looks a lot like that conspiracy theory, chemtrailing. These researchers are also betting on the fact that the public has a very short memory when it comes to the exposure of global warming as a fraud in the past decade!

Pseudo-scientists from the bastions of post-secondary-liberalism headquartered at Harvard and Yale universities published in the Journal of Environmental Research Letters a highly subjective article which proposes using a technique called stratospheric aerosol injection to fight against global warming.  Forgetting for a second that one of my academic expertise areas consists of statistical interpretation and research methodology, let's consider the proposed and laughable research being put forth in the journal in question. First of all, there is no scientific justification from either the literature review their own repeatable findings, located in this journal, that the concept is even valid. The article jumps from hypothesis to scientific conclusion with no scientific justification. There is no level of significance attached to this shoddy research. Further, this article concludes without scientific justification that these so-called scientists engage in a program in which sulfate particles are spread throughout the Earth's lower stratosphere at altitudes that approximately 12 miles high. We already have this program and in layman's terms, it is called "chemtrailing". thi sis a classic case of putting lipstick on the pig.

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