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Newsflash: Coming indictment of Hillary Clinton will lead to U.S. riots; Ukraine to declare ...


(Natural News) Several "newsflash" items that I think you'll want to be aware of as geopolitical events heat up:

500+ illegal aliens from the Honduran caravan tried to "bum rush" the U.S. border today and were arrested by Mexican officials after being fired on with tear gas and rubber bullets by U.S. border agents. The Mexico government says they're going to deport these 500 criminals who brazenly violated U.S. immigration law. It's now clear that the United States is under a military invasion, with over 90% of the so-called "migrants" being military-aged males.

Venezuela, a socialist hell-hole run by "progressives" who told their citizens that socialism would create utopia, has collapsed into such a sorry state of lawlessness and failed infrastructure that oil production there is now in "freefall." The infrastructure is imploding, the people are starving, and the authoritarian Leftists are still in charge. Over a million citizens have already fled the country, and there's no end in sight for the accelerating collapse.

Russia opened fire on Ukrainian ships near Crimea today, capturing all three vessels and leading Ukraine's president Petro Poroshenko to call for an "emergency session" that many observers will lead to a declaration of martial law. This stands to significantly raise the temperature on geopolitical tensions in Eastern Europe.

Hillary Clinton will be indicted by the Trump administration's DOJ in the next couple of months, according to sources known to InfoWars, which was two weeks ahead of the establishment media in reporting that Clinton has decided to run for president in 2020. The current theory is that Hillary Clinton is running for president solely to be able to claim "political persecution" when she is indicted for her numerous felony crimes, including collusion, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence and abuse of government power. Natural News has previously reported that if Hillary Clinton is indicted, it will lead to mass riots in U.S. cities, possibly resulting in the Trump administration enforcing what will effectively be martial law in America.

The recent riots in France followed Macron's mindless hiking of fuel taxes to appease climate change hoaxers who run the EU. The riots underscored the rise of populism across Europe, revealing how European workers have grown weary of being ruled by political idiots who care nothing for the plight of everyday wage earners.

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