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The Mother of the Last Baby Born in Paradise Shares Her Terrifying Camp Fire Evacuation Story


A couple of weeks ago, I shared a story about an ambulance that was stranded by the Camp Fire that burned down Paradise, California. The paramedics and nurses took a stand to fight the fire when help could not arrive in time, saving themselves and the patients depending on them.

Today, I want to share a post by Heather Roebuck, one of those patients. She is the mother of the last baby born in Paradise and this is her side of that terrifying event.

Imagine being trapped in an inferno like that and not being able to get up and help fight it. Imagine being paralyzed and immobile.

Heather had been admitted to the hospital the morning of the fire for a scheduled c-section delivery of her baby girl. 10 minutes after little Halley entered the world, the family was speedily evacuated. She wrote a post on Facebook telling her harrowing story of that day.

It has been two weeks and it still doesn't seem real. Thursday 11/8/2018, the day of the Camp Fire, was one of the hardest days of my life. Of my family's life. Today on Thanksgiving, as I reflect on life and all that I'm thankful for, I can't help thinking about that day. This is faces as we hugged each other and took pictures with our girl.

But joy quickly turned to fear as they announced over the P.A. system that the hospital was being evacuated & all patients needed to be moved to the ER. I was instantly scared and confused. I thought 'us? They mean us?', I was still cut open, they couldn't mean us!'. But they did.

They quickly closed my incision and we were on our way to the ER with our new baby. It was crazy. People were running through the hallways trying to find loved ones and trying to figure out where they go next. Due to anesthesia, I was unable to move from the waist down so I would have to be evacuated by ambulance. Thank God for our OB nurse Carol who spoke up for Bret and our baby and got them a ride to Enloe with a Sheriff's Deputy named Kate, who was pregnant herself. Thanks to both of these amazing women who protected my family and got them to safety. Without them, I don't know how they would've made it out!

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