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Beware: The Independent Media Is Being Infiltrated with Soros-UN Funded Disinfo Agents


It is time to take off the gloves. The time for civility is over. The time for ignoring the disinformation agents has come to an end. There is an elaborate psyop happening in Mexico that is aimed at vilifying the Russians and it is further designed to keep Russian and the United States heads of state apart.

Mexican Psyops

Pardon me sounding immodest, but there is nobody that has more complete and accurate picture of what is going in Central and South America as it relates to any potential terrorist, paramilitary and/or military threat commonly referred to as the Red Dawn invasion forces as I do. For example, I have "eyes on" the paramilitary camps operating in El Salvador who are training a hybrid military outfit which represents the blend between Middle East terrorist groups and the militarized aspects of the drug cartels. I have deep cover intelligence assets as well as  military assets providing me with real time information. The information is almost exclusively open source intel which I would not have the knowledge to locate without some assistance. If one is unfamiliar with what I am speaking of, it is important to note that most intelligence information is open source which means it is publicly available is one knows where to look or if one is directed on where to look. And what is being reported in Mexico both at the border and in the interior is largely disinformation.

An Army of George Soros-UN Backed Disinfo Agents

Have any of you noticed a number of new social media types who have high numbers of views on stories that would get the rest of banned from the various social media platforms? I am from the old guard of the Independent Media (IM). My affiliations, professional relationships are with the old-timers, the original purveyors of truth in media such as Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann, Paul Martin and Paul Preston et al. I know them all very well and in the past when they warned me about the integrity of a would-be journalist posing as a member of the Independent Media, they have never been wrong. And conversely, when I have discovered the same, I do not hold back and I warn my colleagues. Yes, the IM has been infiltrated and a certain level of discernment is now necessary to stay on point. Generally, when I encounter these globalist journalistic minions, I simply ignore them. To call attention to them legitimizes their position. And to call them out confuses the newcomers to our movement. Generally, in our business, we privately ostracize such scoundrels and marginalize them and we do it much more than the average person would guess.

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