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Battle for Bitcoin Cash Name Ends as BCH SV Backer Calls for 'Permanent Split'

• By Adrian Zmudzinski

Posted on Ayre's own crypto media outlet CoinGeek, the statement claims that Bitcoin Cash SV will continue to exist independently from Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and that the coin is in fact the "original" Bitcoin (BTC):

"Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin not the original Bitcoin Cash."

Ayre calls on Bitcoin Cash ABC – the Roger Ver-backed coin created in BCH's recent hard fork – to "permanently split" the two chains for a "win-win solution."

The author also accuses supporters of both Bitcoin, which he refers to as "Segwit BTC" in the article, and Bitcoin Cash of having "tinkered it [Bitcoin] to death." Namely, according to Ayre, Bitcoin and BCH ABC – which now has regained the title of Bitcoin Cash – have "abandoned Bitcoin's core principles by abandoning Nakamoto consensus and trust in miners' Proof of Work."