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Do taxes make Americans less charitable?

•, By Joe Jarvis

Yesterday was "Giving Tuesday." And Americans gave $117 million to charity.

This was an increase from 2017, but just 8% of what Americans spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

It's not that Americans aren't generous, they are. They gave $410 billion to charities last year.

But fewer Americans are giving… 55% give to charity now, versus 68% of Americans in 2002.

Americans probably paid more than $117 million in taxes on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases, when you factor in sales taxes, corporate taxes, and gas taxes for shipping.

Are more and more people relying on the bloated government to do good in their stead? Or perhaps ever growing tax burdens and debt leaves more people unable to afford to give to charity.

Unfortunately, the government really, really terrible at helping people.

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