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What could possibly go wrong? Pentagon wants to create an army of virus-spreading insects...


(Natural News) The federal government is determined to bio-engineer artificial insects, having demonstrated a willingness to say just about anything in order to justify it – including by claiming that fake bugs bearing genetically-modified (GM) viruses are necessary to save our food supply.

The so-called "Insect Allies" project, hatched by the Pentagon and funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), would utilize gene-editing techniques like "CRISPR" to deliberately weaponize insects with man-made viruses that officials say would somehow make America's food crops more resilient.

One example offered up by the Pentagon suggests that, were a cornfield, say, to suffer an unexpected drought, pathogenic, GMO insects could be rushed in to save the day. Or if a deadly pathogen were to sweep through a crop, Insect Allies could be deployed to stop it.

These "targeted therapies," as the DARPA website is calling them, have the potential to protect food crops against all sorts of things, including disease, flooding, frost, and even "threats introduced by state or non-state actors" – meaning something along the lines of a deep state biological attack.

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DARPA would appear to have some kind of sick obsession with trying to recreate reality through genetic engineering. Back in 2015, it was reported that DARPA was planning to fund a project involving human zombies whose genetic codes were altered to make them more "effective" on the battlefield.