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BUSTED! Major Clinton pal arrested, indicted for fraud


A major Democratic insider and frequent donor to the Clintons, Abdul Huda Farouki, was indicted and charged for allegedly defrauding the United States military of $9 billion worth of government contracts while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. 

Now, under President Donald Trump, they're finally going to face justice.

According to authorities, Farouki and his associates lied to the U.S. military to get an $8 billion, 10-year contract to supply food to American soldiers stationed in Afghanistan in 2012. That year, they also signed a nearly $1 billion contract to supply trucking and logistical resources to the area. The deals were signed in 2012, while Hillary Clinton was serving as Secretary of State.

To cut costs on the deals, Farouki's Dubai-based Anham corporation allegedly had supplies illegally shipped through Iran despite U.S. sanctions, prosecutors claim. Anham is one of America's largest wartime contractors.

Critics point out that Farouki is a major contributor to the Clintons and other Democrats, and was also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative at the time he allegedly violated U.S. sanctions. According to The Epoch Times, Farouki and his wife have contributed over $320,000 to the Clintons and other leading Democratic lawmakers since the 1990s.