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Why Sherlock Holmes Was Never Considered a Conspiracy Theorist...

•, By Robert Bridge

In other words, it would have been next to impossible for Sherlock Holmes to break many cases today given the propensity of the powers-to-be to scream 'conspiracy theory' every time an explanation of an event surfaces that is at variance to the official narrative.

Consider the story, 'The Adventures of the Dancing Men,' published in 1903. Here we have one of those rare cases when one of Holmes' clients succeeds in getting himself killed before the famed detective can solve the mystery.

The victim, Hilton Cubitt, hires Holmes after receiving a number of strange letters featuring stick figures in various hieroglyphic-style poses. We also learn that Cubitt has just been married to an American woman, who insisted that her husband never inquire about her past, which, she said, featured some "disagreeable associations."

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