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Conservatives Mock Snowflakes Over "Baby It's Cold Outside" Meltdown

•, By Tyler Durden

First came the banishment of "Merry Christmas" - replaced with the far more inclusive "Happy Holidays" uttered by politically correct Americans petrified to offend non-Christians. Corporate America quickly jumped on the bandwagon, rendering Christmas nothing more than a multinational celebration of "Holiday" consumerism. 

This year's target is a #MeToo-themed siege on the "problematic" 1940's Oscar-winning song "Baby, It's Cold Outside," which has been called a "date-rape anthem" over its lyrics which feature a man attempting to cajole a woman into sleeping with him on a cold winter's night. As a result, the song has been pulled from the radio by several stations around the country. 

In response to "snowflakes" offended by a male human attempting to copulate with a female without asking her to sign a consent form, the Holderness Family - which creates "original music, parodies and Vlogs," has created a politically correct rendition of the song so as not to risk offending anyone: 

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