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How Detoxing From Heavy Metals Saved a Man's Life When All Else Failed


The Lesson: Heavy metals like cadmium, lead, and mercury can lead to a diverse and serious palate of health complications, including everything from cancer to depression. Josh Macin suffered with mercury poisoning from tooth fillings, sushi, and other sources for three years before finally realizing what ailed him. Many mental disorders are associated with symptoms of heavy metal poisoning and can be traced all the way back to Roman times. Heavy metal detoxification is a powerful tool with some good science behind it – and it's a tool that saved this young man's life. In this podcast, Macin outlines the debilitating spiritual and mental struggles he endured throughout his bout with mercury-induced mental illness. Furthermore, he asks the world for a little more understanding in regards to the hardships faced by people around us.

Notable Excerpt: "First would be for people to change their water. Our water makes up 75% of our blood, and of our body. So we've got to change our water. I love natural spring water from the earth, I love distilled water from my home distiller; and when we change our water we change our thoughts, we change our vibration. It's very important that we start drinking good quality water. The other part of that physical advice would be to potentially start experimenting with some kind of fasting."

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