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Vaccine vs. Disease Trade-offs: Cheating Children's Immune Systems

• By the Children

Despite these efforts, the narrative that vaccines are keeping children healthy is rapidly crumbling. Rates of chronic and autoimmune illness in American children have climbed to obscene levels (54% at last count), concurrently with rising vaccination rates—while U.S. life expectancy is falling.

None of the individuals who present vaccination as an unquestioned good ever discusses the trade-offs involved in tampering with the exquisitely sophisticated human immune system, especially during a child's earliest developmental stages, nor do they acknowledge that two of vaccination's basic premises are patently false:

It has become clear that the short-lived antibody production that vaccines seek to induce is nothing like the comprehensive lifelong immunity that results from a natural infection;

An honest look at health statistics shows that vaccines exact a high cost when they re-engineer children's immune systems; rather than entering adulthood in robust health, many children are paying the piper via some form of immune dysfunction at some point down the road.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The more vaccines are used to impair immune systems, the less children will be able to think for themselves, and the more the government will be able to control them. No wonder government people want full coverage vaccination of kids.

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