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Fake Native American Elizabeth Warren finally admits she isn't a "woman of color" …


(Natural News) Elizabeth Warren admitted that she is "not a person of color" while speaking at a college event in December. But for decades, Warren has been claiming to be Native American in order to advance her career and get other benefits. Indeed, Senator Warren has made her "Native American heritage" a major talking point across her career. In 1997, Fordham Law Review even described her as the "first woman of color" employed by Harvard Law School. But in the wake of a DNA test proving she is actually less Native American than the average Caucasian person, Warren is starting to change her tune.

Warren's so-called heritage has been heavily scrutinized, with a Native American genealogist also casting doubt on the story of how Warren's parents were forced to elope because of racism.

Warren admits she's not a minority

While giving a commencement speech at a historically black college, Morgan State University, Warren faced up to the fact that she's actually a white woman.

"As a country, we need to stop pretending that the same doors open for everyone, because they don't. I'm not a person of color. And I haven't lived your life or experienced anything like the subtle prejudice, or more overt harm, that you may have experienced just because of the color of your skin," she stated, The Gateway Pundit reports.

This is funny, because Warren has made a career out of saying she is a person of a color and declaring her Native American heritage.

Most famously, Warren claims that her parents had to elope because of her white father's family's racism. They were "bitterly opposed" to his choice to marry her mother, due to her Native American ancestry. She described the elopement in an interview on Fox News Sunday.