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SpaceX Fundraising Exactly Covers 800 Satellites for Operational Starlink Service


SpaceX will get money from existing SpaceX investors and new investor Baillie Gifford and Co, who is also the third-largest shareholder in Musk-led electric carmaker Tesla.

How Much Starlink Could You Get With $500 million?

In December, SpaceX proved that they should be able to reuse the first stage four times or more. Previously they were able to reuse two times. They flew the first stage once and then reused it once. They can now fly it once and re-use three or more times. SpaceX believes they can reuse it nine or ten times and then give them an overhaul and continue using them.

In 2019, let us suppose the average first stage re-use is four times. I think the first stage is about $30 million in cost. All of the Starlink launches would be to low-earth orbit and would be reusable.

$62 million price for SpaceX Falcon 9 block 5 launch. 30% operating margin.
$43.4 million in cost for one-time launch.
$30 million for first stage. A first stage reused four times is $8 million per launch. A first stage that is reused ten times is $4 million per launch.
$6 million for faring or nose cone payload covers. Those are now waterproof and can be reused. $1 million per launch including recovery and clean-up.
$7.5 million for second stage.

Each SpaceX Starlink Falcon 9 launch is $12.5 million to 16.5 million in cost.

A highly reusable Falcon 9 block 5 would cost about $12.5 million for launching 20 Starlink Satellites with each launch. This would be about $1 billion in launch costs for 1600. This is for 80 launches.

Getting to 1600 Starlink satellites would service the northern hemisphere. This is where New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Zurich, Shanghai and other world financial capitals are located.

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