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VIDEO: Crazed Cops Flash Badges, Threaten to Carry Out Mass Shooting and "Kill People"


San Antonio, TX — The Bexar County sheriff's department is no stranger to controversy. Their history includes killing children, raping toddlers, and shooting innocent elderly grandmothers. Now, the department is in the spotlight once again—this time, for threatening to carry out a mass shooting.

According to surveillance video and multiple witnesses, two Bexar County deputies were off duty and drinking at Deol's Bar in San Antonio last week when things took a turn for the worse.

"They said that they were going to come back and shoot up the bar and kill people," said Joshua Cornell, a bouncer at Deol's.

According to witnesses, the cops were not only drunk on alcohol but they were also drunk on power as they ordered patrons around and demanded the DJ play what they wanted. The deputies went so far as to show the patrons their badges to demand they comply. When people refused to comply with the power-tripping deputies, the deputies became enraged.

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