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Target Liberty: Stone's Demand To Release His Testimony Wants Public To Learn The Truth


Target Liberty has exclusively obtained the letter, sent by Roger Stone's attorney, Grant J. Smith, to  Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, demanding the release of the transcript of Stone's testimony before the committee.

The demand comes on the heels of reports that special counselor Robert Mueller has sought and obtained a copy of the transcript and on the heels of leaks about the testimony which Stone alleges have  taken his testimony out of context.

It appears that committee members and their staffs, the special counselor and Stone's enemies are all now in possession of the official transcript. Only the public remains in the dark, darkness that keeps the public from fully understanding the full context of statements made by Stone during his testimony on this very important matter which may have consequences for the President of the United States and Stone.

Grant J. Smith Attorney-at-Law

VIA E-MAIL The Honorable Devin Nunes, 

Chairman United States House of Representatives
 Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
HVC-304 Washington, DC 20515

Re: Demand for Full Public Release of Stone Transcript

Dear Chairman Nunes:

This letter is directed to you in your official capacity as the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence ("HPSCI" or "Committee"). As you know, I am counsel to Roger Stone and was one of the two attorneys present with Mr. Stone throughout his voluntary interview before the Committee on September 26, 2017 ("Interview").

On December 19, 2018, a substantial number of national news publications and network news programs reported that the Special Counsel's Office ("SCO") has requested a certified or "official" copy of the transcript of the Interview ("Transcript") and the Committee is expected to take up the request in executive session today.

As you know, Mr. Stone wanted the Interview to be conducted by the Committee in an open public hearing, rather than in a confidential closed session. Mr. Stone's request in this regard was denied by the Committee and the Interview, in fact, occurred in a closed, confidential session. Upon the conclusion of the Interview, Mr. Stone immediately requested that the Committee publicly release the transcript of his testimony. The Committee declined this request and has since held the Transcript in secret, available only to authorized members or staff of the House of Representatives and only available to Mr. Stone or his designated legal representative(s) in the form of a physical, in-person review, by appointment, at the Committee's secure office facilities.