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Robert Scott Bell talks vaccine passport mandates, Big Tech censorship, and MORE

• Natural News by: Ethan Huff

During a recent episode of his show, available at, Bell discusses a number of pertinent issues, including the ongoing censorship of conservative and independent voices online, as well as new vaccine mandates in Argentina that could one day be implemented here in the United States as well.

Of pressing concern was the recent banning of from the social media website Pinterest, which flagged it for spreading "misinformation" about health care and vaccines.

"Pinterest is banning any accounts, including the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) – anybody they deem as anti-vaccine, pushing whatever they call 'false cures,'" warns Bell.

"It's interesting to note that Sayer Ji, of all what might be considered 'alternative' websites … is the most rooted in scientific literature and peer-reviewed journal references. There is almost, I don't think there's ever even an opinion piece by Sayer Ji that doesn't also reference peer-reviewed literature in the medical publications," Bell adds.

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