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Iraqi Jets Strike Terrorists In Syria At Assad's Request As US "Slowing" Troop Pullout

• by Tyler Durdan

On Sunday Assad took the controversial step of authorizing Iraqi forces to attack terror targets inside Syria at will, according to state-run SANA "without waiting for permission from authorities in Damascus" while the two allies coordinate action against remaining ISIS pockets in the country's east. 

Quickly on the heels of that decision, Iraqi fighters jets bombed ISIS positions across the Syrian border on Monday. According to official reports, "Iraq's Joint Operations Command said F-16s struck a two-storey house in Souseh, close to the border, that was being used as a meeting place for ISIS leaders."

Unconfirmed reports say up to two dozen or more ISIS commanders were taken out in the air strikes as a high level meeting had been taking place at one of the locations targeted. 

Since Trump's Syria pullout announcement, Pentagon leaders have expressed concern over who will fill the remaining power vacuum in Syria's north and east, and have especially feared Iranian entrenchment as a result, as well as the potential of Iraqi Shia pro-Iran militias to fill the gap.