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Why School Has Nothing to Do With Students

• The Daily Bell - Joe Jarvis

Only 22% of fourth graders in the district scored proficient in math. Even a typical terrible inner-city school district has a 30% proficient rate.

Since 2003, 245,000 students have left the district in favor of better districts, or charter schools.

As I've discussed previously, school funding is based on enrollment. So removing yourself or taking your kids out of a school system actually does help defund them–even if you, unfortunately, don't get to keep the money for alternatives.

One school actually sent their resource officer out to drag a student back to school away from a job she was working. That's one way to stay funded… simply kidnap hardworking students, trap them with a bunch of miscreants, and force them to listen to your horrible school lessons.

And now $350 million of each year's funding is going to pay retirement benefits in the district. That's a 50% increase from 2013, "which would be enough to award each teacher a $10,000 raise."

So in LA they have a terrible school which is performing even worse than expected. They are losing "customers" (if you can even call people forced to attend and forced to pay "customers"). And a disproportionate amount of their funding goes towards retired teachers.

That sounds like a pretty bad deal for any kid left attending the school. But these students are not the concern. They don't have a union representing them.

Teachers do. So they are striking.

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