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OBSBOT Tail Aims to Revolutionize the Way You Film Yourself


CES is filled with interesting devices that aim to change the way we do all kinds of things. For example, there's a pair of shoes that allow us to move around in virtual reality.

One device that really impressed is the OBSBOT Tail. To put it simply, it's a camera that will track and record you as you move around without needing a dedicated camera person. It looks like a promising piece of technology that could change the workflow of anyone who wants to record themselves doing anything that involves movement.

What Is The OBSBOT Tail?

Basically, OBSBOT Tail is a camera that you set down in a location and let it handle the heavy lifting of moving around and filming. One example that the company showed off was a skateboarder setting the camera down in the park and skating around. Once the Tail is bound to that person, the camera will move around and keep the subject centered in the shot.

The company also showed the camera in use for dance. While the dancer moved around the room performing an array of complicated moves, the camera stayed with them perfectly. While it doesn't necessarily offer the same level of creativity as a human, for someone who needs to shoot themselves, it could be a real game-changer.

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