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Leaked internal documents show 36 babies died after receiving this vaccine


(Natural News) Just when you thought the vaccine industry couldn't get any more depraved, they go and prove you wrong. Recently leaked, confidential documents have revealed that at least 36 infants died following the administration of an 6-in-1 vaccine manufactured by pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline. These tragic deaths took place over the course of just two years.

Initiative Citoyenne, a Belgium-based vaccine activism network, reports that the 1200-page document revealed thousands of adverse reactions occurred during the evaluations which took place between 2009 and 2011. While GlaxoSmithKline's official report declares that only 14 children died during the 2-year period, Initiative Citoyenne (IC) reports that their own analysis of the data indicates a much higher death toll, closer to 36. IC reports that at least 73 children have died since the Infanrix Hexa vaccine made its debut in 2000.

Shocking confidential document reveals wave of infant death

Reading the report, which can be viewed as a PDF here, it is clear that GSK has no real concern for its highly probable involvement in the deaths of multiple children. Under section 6.4.1, "Cases with a Fatal Outcome," one can read about the 14 children GSK admits died post-vaccination during the 2009-2011 evaluation period.

Naturally, every single death is waved off. Most of these children died within just a few days after receiving the Infanrix Hexa shot, with a staggering number dying within one day. Even when a child dies within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine, the company comments that "No adverse events were reported after vaccinations." Apparently death isn't an adverse event to these people.

Under section 6.4.1, Case B0605003A is described. The report reads:

This case was reported by the Italian regulatory authority and described the occurrence of cardiac arrest in a 2-month-old female who was vaccinated with an unspecified dose of Infanrix hexa™ on 10 August 2009. Less than one day after vaccination, the subject experienced convulsions. The subject was hospitalised from 14 August until 19 August 2009. At the time of reporting, the event was resolved with sequelae. Last convulsion episode was on 18 October 2009. The baby showed a regular growth but a light motor retardation in respect of the age. Her weight was 7.10 kg. Diagnostic tests as karyotype, ultrasonography, computerized axial tomography and nuclear magnetic resonance were negative. She was treated with Luminalette. According to the follow up information received on 01 June 2010, the subject died due to a cardiac arrest at an unspecified time after vaccination.

The company responded to this by calling it a "Case of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI)."

Every time a child dies after being vaccinated, the industry insists it's just a "sudden death." There are multiple accounts of healthy, happy babies dying within just 24 hours of vaccination. And yet, GSK continues to assert that these deaths are somehow "natural," or causeless, and not a direct result of injecting delicate newborns with half a dozen different viral strains, aluminum adjuvants and a bevy of other hazardous ingredients.

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