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How We Know Single-Payer Won't Lower Health Care Costs

• by Jim Kelly

You've heard the US spends twice as much on health care as the rest of the developed world. Yet we're not twice as healthy.

We're mentally ill for sure because we keep rejecting a "single-payer" system like sensible countries have. Don't you know, Citizen, that Medicare for All would drive huge efficiencies and slash costs? Yet you and other Americans have resisted it since the Roosevelt administration.

Do we delight in hearing of our uninsured neighbors' bankruptcies? Do we get an extra thrill from skiing knowing a broken leg would mean financial ruin?

Perhaps some do. But some of us dispute the savings claims.

Where We'll Save

Bernie Sanders promises Medicare for All would be about 20 percent cheaper. Others claim 60 percent. And they have a list of costs to trim, starting with reclaiming insurers' outrageous profits.

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