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On Catholic Schoolboys and Chinese Revolutionaries


Of course there are lessons to be learned: Don't rush to judgement before knowing the facts; Know that there are some very powerful interests out there who desperately need for us all to believe that we are each others' enemies, and that "white supremacists" lurk around every corner; Know also that the media distorts the truth in order to have people see the world a certain way.

But there was something else going on beneath these – I think – pretty obvious takeaways: A vicious ugliness had stuck its head out of a hole in the earth and begun spitting venom at us all. Even if that ugliness slinks back into the hole, nobody is now going to forget that it is there. The viciousness isn't new. We saw it immediately after the 2016 elections, and probably most of us have seen it rear its slimy head at some point in our various lifetimes. But for me, for some reason, this particular incident stands out.

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