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Organic Food Companies Who Sold Out to Mega Food Corporations

• by Nicole Pierce

The food giants quickly realized there was a high demand for organic products, which also meant there was an enormous amount of money to be made selling it, so they set out to take over the industry - one cool company at a time. As a result, over 80% of organic companies are now owned by mega corporations.

What should be of most alarming to consumers about the "Big Organic" takeover (think Big Ag and Big Pharma), is the shrewd ability of these corporations to control labeling or lack thereof - as evidenced in the epic battle over GMOs. Equally frightening is their power to effectively water down the standards of organics across the country. Think about it…

Backroom lobbying deals, a corrupt FDA system, and corporate greenwashing will result in fewer, more expensive and less responsible choices. Simultaneously, this will allow Big Ag and Big Organic to completely degenerate the entire organic market. What we know to be a harmful pesticide, may now be reclassified as an "organic pesticide" because it contains some "organic" substance. The loopholes these mega corps seek to instill in the organic market are truly frightening and a major setback in our evolution towards clean, healthy, sustainable farming.