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Russia Will Test a New Sodium Fast Reactor and Reprocessing to Handle All Nuclear Waste

•, brian wang

It will be a multi-loop research reactor capable of testing lead, lead-bismuth and gas coolants, and running on MOX (mixed uranium and plutonium oxide) fuel.

NIIAR intends to set up on-site closed fuel cycle facilities for the MBIR, using

pyrochemical reprocessing it has developed at pilot scale
. This reprocessing could eliminate most nuclear waste and enable reuse as fuel.

They can close the fuel cycle with the reactor and new pyroprocessing. Closing the fuel cycle means all of the waste is converted back into usable fuel.

AEM-Technology started the manufacture of the reactor pressure vessel for MBIR in March, 2017 and has said that construction of the demonstration reactor should be completed by 2020. The project is expected to cost 16.4 billion rubles ($454 million). The MBIR will be the most powerful research reactor in the world.