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Hillary Clinton, Swamp Rat Debbie Wasserman Schultz And The Deep State Probably ...

•, By Stefan Stanford

With Hillary Clinton once again signaling a 2020 run for the presidency as Robert Mueller makes more moves to take down President Trump via his persecution of Roger Stone, Democrats across the board are getting bold, with none other than completely corrupted ex-DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz now claiming Stone should be prosecuted for treason due to 'weaponizing information' she claims was stolen by Russia, the hacked DNC emails that were published by Wikileaks.  

While President Trump has given us no real signs that he'll be able to drain the swamp before 2020, and that same swamp fighting back against Trump and now winning by many accounts, we'd love if ANP readers could swarm the US Justice Department via either their twitter page, a phone call to (202) 514-2000 or via an email to them here and ask them WHY, if they're REALLY searching for the truth about the Wikileaks emails and alleged 'Russian collusion', they STILL haven't yet interviewed either Julian Assange, Wikileaks or KimDotcom about them! And by all means, please mention justice for Seth Rich. 

As the Gateway Pundit reported in this January 26th story, rotten and totally corrupted cop Robert Mueller apparently could care less about 'the truth', just like Joy Behar of ABC's 'The View' who recently came out and ADMITTED she could care less about 'the truth', she only cares about taking down President Trump. How's that 'justice', DOJ? You folks should be ashamed of yourselves!