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Herr Gestapo Mueller's Politicized Stasi And Their Nazi-Style Inquisition Of...

•, By William B Stoecker

Much as I hate to digress, just as I was finalizing my research and outlining for this article, the mighty warriors of the FBI arrested the dastardly arch-villain, Roger Stone, the evil mastermind of nonexistent crimes. Realizing the terrible danger they faced in arresting an unarmed man in his sixties, nearly thirty of the intrepid lads and ladies gathered (despite the government shutdown) in body armor with real assault weapons in an unannounced pre-dawn raid, and handcuffed and shackled the monster before he could sneeze or spill coffee on one of them (or whatever). 

This is the same FBI, remember, who shot an unarmed woman holding a baby at Ruby Ridge and burned children alive at Waco. This is the FBI whose agents plotted against the President and used a phony dossier as "evidence" of "collusion" with Russia. Yet people like Sean Hannity continue to chant their mantra about bad leadership but mostly good rank and file agents. Certainly some agents are good people, but we need to wake up and smell the garbage…for the most part, top to bottom, the FBI is a corrupt, politicized, criminal organization, a secret police force that has no place in a free republic. It is broken beyond fixing.