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A New Day, A New Warning

• by Dave Hodges

Hours after publishing notification of a thinly veiled threat I was given related to the meeting I had  late last week with Shauna Cox in Phoenix. The worst thing one can do when one is holding proprietary information is to hang on to the information. Therefore, I disseminated the content of my meeting with Shauna along with the threat that followed which informed me that every word we said was surveiled by presumably elements of the Deep State.

On Thursday afternoon, I received the following email. It is self-explanatory.

Get your affairs in order.

In a series of phone conferences today, members of FBI, DHS, FEMA, DOJ, ATF, Marshals Service, have put forward a list of conservatives they deem dangerous to National Security. The list contains 1,466 names. Your name is on it. Get your affairs in order. Have your attorney on speed dial. If you have any pull in DC you need to start making calls right now. Seeing how easy it was to go after Stone they now see Trump as been unable to interfere. Whatever you do, make no new friends right now, especially if they come out of nowhere. They are not above setting you up if they can. This is a great risk for me to warn you as only a small handful have access to this info. I can't help anymore than this without exposing myself to arrest. Good luck.

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