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Will Iran Sanctions Herald the Fall of the Imperial Dollar?

• by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Da

Now, eight months later, the Europeans finally announced the creation of INSTEX (Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges) as an alternative payment system so that European firms can do business with Iran. This mechanism might be too little and too late to salvage the Iran nuclear deal but it marks a milestone in an inevitable transition of epic proportions: the end of the global hegemony of the US dollar.

INSTEX is a complicated mechanism registered in France and headed by a German banker, with shareholders from the three European countries that were signatories to the Iran nuclear deal: France, Germany and the UK. It will initially be used for non-sanctionable trade, such as medicine, food and medical devices, and is also likely to only attract smaller businesses, not large companies with significant exposure to US markets. It has had an 8-month difficult birth because no one country wanted to claim maternity rights for fear of a US backlash. Indeed, the USthreatened to devour it before it was born.

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