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Tesla Buys Maxwell to Eventually Nearly Triple Battery Energy Density

• by Brian Wang

The Maxwell dry battery electrode technology could increase battery energy density by 50% and eventually could naerly triple energy density from current levels. The technology can also lower the cost of batteries by 10 to 20% and double the life of batteries.

Currently, the Tesla Model 3 battery pack has an energy density of 272 Watt-hours per liter and at the battery cell level this is 207 watt-hours per kilogram. The dry battery electrode can increase energy density to over 300 watt-hours per kilogram and then to over 500 watt-hours per kilogram.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the dry battery electrode technology could be incorporated into Tesla energy storage or electric cars. The Maxwell plans were targeting significant multi-billion market penetration by 2023. I would guess that Tesla and Elon would try to push for late in 2020 and ramping production in 2021.

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