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The 'Green Nazi's' Plans For America:

• By William B. Stoecker

We've all heard the expression: "Green on the outside, pink on the inside." It refers to phony environmentalists who use a pretended concern for nature, wildlife, and the environment as an excuse to destroy freedom and national sovereignty, wreck the economy, and enslave all of us. Unfortunately, many so-called "environmentalists" are indeed watermelons…thinly disguised communists.

I must confess that when I was young, foolish, and left of center I joined the Sierra Club, partly to go on their hikes and to make new friends (especially those of the young female variety), and partly because I really did (and still do) love nature and wilderness. The Earth's animals, plants, and wildlands were created by God, who originally appointed Man as His gardener, the steward of the Earth, here to use its resources but also to preserve them. And many rank and file environmentalists sincerely care about nature. The problem is that the leaders of the environmental movement, all along, have pursued a very different agenda. Over time I became gradually more and more disillusioned with the Sierra Club and the environmental movement in general, finally quitting the organization some years ago. Its leaders must now pursue their evil agenda without my contributions.

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