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Weld rejoins Republican ranks

• by Michael Jonas

IT'S BEEN THE latest political parlor game to hit the presidential sweepstakes: Will former Massachusetts governor William Weld jump into the race and, if so, will it be as a candidate of the Libertarian Party he recently swore lifelong fealty to or as an insurgent Republican looking to dislodge an incumbent president?

We now know the answer at least to the party question: If Weld runs, he'll do so as Republican. The town clerk's office in Canton, where he lives, said Weld showed up at Town Hall on January 17 and changed his party registration from Libertarian to Republican.

That is sure to stoke speculation over whether Weld is preparing to mount a long shot challenge to President Trump for the Republican nomination next year. Trump has abysmal approval numbers, and he's as incurious about briefing papers and policy substance as he is eager to engage in name-calling Twitter attacks on rivals and one-time aides.

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