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Smart Meters to start tracking dementia patients in the U.K....

•, by Lance D Johnson

Old-fashioned meters had to be checked manually, but they ensured privacy for the homeowner. Now Smart Meters share data on energy usage with third parties, tracking and analyzing every use of natural gas, electricity, and water within the home.

This valuable energy usage data is now being shared with governments and medical institutions to conduct medical surveillance against citizens. In the United Kingdom, Smart Meters will be used to track dementia patients' household habits to monitor for sudden changes that indicate illness, falls, or mental decline. The National Health Services (NHS) will be in charge of the surveillance program.

Smart meters automatically send usage information in real time to the energy supplier. This data is now being used to track daily routines and monitor people's whereabouts. In the near future, the government of the United Kingdom will know every time someone cooks dinner, uses a washing machine, or takes a shower. If an irregularity shows up in a household routine, the computer will send an alert to family members.

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