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China to build "solar roadways" with fully transparent concrete covering solar cells

•, by David Williams

These days, it has come to a point where it can finally be used in large-scale applications, the latest of which is a fully working road that's made to be used by motor vehicles. The road, colloquially referred to as a solar roadway, is steadily gaining ground: Cities around the world have either developed or started testing it. Thus, it comes as no surprise that China has also announced its plans to build its own solar roadway.

For their version of the solar roadway, authorities are planning to use a 1.2 mile stretch of the Jinan City Expressway. The project, upon completion, will mark China's second solar roadway project in the country. The first solar roadway, which is also located in Jinan City, was just completed in September 2017.

The construction of the new solar roadway is complete, according to a report published on the tech website While grid connection is still pending, the project is expected to be finished and ready for public use very soon.