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Want to Avoid Taxes for Life?...

•, Christina Comben

Having kids is hardly a walk in the park. Oftentimes it feels as if the only incentive in the incessant additional child caring workload is the occasional smile, cuddle, or unexpected kiss. Well, not in Hungary. Outspoken anti-immigration Prime Minister Viktor Orban is determined to raise the birth rate by waiving taxes completely for families with four children or more.

In what sounds almost like gamification techniques for breeding children, controversial Orban announced a range of financial benefits for Hungarian families on Sunday.

These include subsidized loans, help to buy houses and vehicles, and even the waiving of income tax completely.

Orban Wants More Hungarian Children

Orban is well-known for his hard-line stance on immigration and quasi-dictatorial policies. As he made the announcement, in fact, protesters were gathered outside the Presidential Palace in Buda Castle.