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It Begins… Man Accused of Killing Pregnant Girlfriend AND Baby, Has Baby Murder...

•, Tim Brown

A man accused of murdering his pregnant girlfriend in New York had a charge of "abortion," commonly known as the murder of a baby, dropped due to the "Reproductive Health Act" signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in violation of natural, biblical and Constitutional law, which is first and foremost to uphold the right to life.

Anthony Hobson, 48, had the charges dropped against the murder of the infant his girlfriend was carrying dropped due to Cuomo's unlawful "law."

He was, however, charged with the fatal stabbing of Jennifer Irigoyen, 35, according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown.

Hobson was supposed to be charged with second-degree abortion, whatever that is, but a DA spokeswoman later told The New York Post that the abortion charge "was repealed by the Legislature, and this is the law as it exists today."