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Doomsday Hoarders: 6 Hacks to Organize Your Stockpile Chaos


Is your house like an unfortunate cross between Doomsday Preppers and Hoarders?

How do you store your preps? Are they neatly organized, where you can grab what you need at a moment's notice? Are they a jumbled mess that makes your house look like an abandoned storage facility? Perhaps they are hidden chaos, tucked away neatly in drawers and closets, but with no rhyme or reason.

I like to consider myself pretty organized. After all, my house is tidy (at least when people come over). I keep my food preps in one area, my medical preps in another area, and home supply preps in yet another area.

It doesn't matter how many preps you have if you can't find what you need.

A turning point for me was when my daughter burned her hand making cookies one time, it took me more than half an hour to find the specific ointment I wanted to use to treat it. I used raw honey from the kitchen for immediate relief while I turned my medical supply closet upside down looking for it.

Fortunately, it wasn't a bad burn, but what if it had been? What if it had been some kind of crisis that required immediate and swift intervention and the First Aid items needed had been mixed in with the bathroom supplies?

Here's something else.  How many of you have sought in vain for an ingredient that you know you have 77 and 1/3 boxes of, only to have to go to the store to purchase it because you can't find any of those elusive boxes?

When you stock up the way a lot of us do, organization is vital. Otherwise, important supplies go missing. You spend valuable time searching for them and money replacing them, even though they're lurking under your bed, taunting you from the shadows under there. Even worse, sometimes food expires while it's tucked away, forgotten and unrotated into your kitchen, leaving you with pounds of edibles so stale that they can't be consumed.

The biggest stockpile of supplies in the world won't do you any good if you can't find what you need when you need it.

Now is the perfect time to get organized.

Why wait? The longer you put it off, the worse the chaos will get.

I live in an older house without a lot of closets or pantries, so I have to be creative to stash all my stuff.  This hodge-podge of storage spaces can lead to the disappearance of supplies or "Where-did-I-put-that?" Syndrome.

Resolve to no longer be a "Doomsday Hoarder". Check out these 6 OCD hacks to help organize your supplies and bring order to the chaos.

Step #1: Make a Huge Mess

To reach a point of order, you have to, painfully, start with a huge mess.  Expect this process to take 2-3 days, so don't start at a time when you have lots of other stuff to do.

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