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Major Drop in Food Stamp Enrollment Under President Trump

•, by Team Bongino

A Breitbart report reveals that data from the USDA shows that the number of households enrolled in the food stamp program, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in October 2018 dropped to 19,410,711. That is down 1,428,558 since February of 2017.

That number hit a historic low not seen since June of 2010, when food stamp program enrollment was at 19,143,572.

The publication notes that food stamp use declined every single month in FY 2018.

Breitbart writes:

"Using the latest data from the USDA, here is the month-by-month breakdown of how many people overall canceled their SNAP benefits in FY 2018:

October to November: 4,050,688

November to December: 357,508

December to January: 740,952

January to February: 385,456

February to March: 39,701

March to April: 426,055

April to May: 139,570

May to June: 175,204