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Let's Face It: The U.S. Constitution Has Failed

•, by Charles Hugh Smith

Despite the anything-goes quality of American culture, one thing remains verboten to say publicly: the U.S. Constitution has failed. The reason why this painfully obvious fact cannot be discussed publicly is that it gives the lie to the legitimacy of the entire status quo.

The Constitution was intended to limit 1) the power of government over the citizenry 2) the power of each branch of government and 3) the power of political/financial elites over the government and the citizenry, as the Founders recognized the intrinsic risks of an all-powerful state, an all-powerful state dominated by one branch of government and the risks of a financial elite corrupting the state to serve their interests above those of the citizenry.

The Constitution has failed to place limits on the power of government, on the emergence of unaccountable states-within-a-state agencies and on the political power of financial elites.

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Comment by Ed Price
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The Constitution has NOT failed. Rather, the people have failed to use it. - At the time the Constitution was written, there was a need to centralize power to fight King George. The individual strength for keep individual government officials at bay, was hidden in the constitution, although it is still there. - Private property and the right to contract are two of the major things that people can use - through the courts, if they do it the right way - to nullify almost anything that government wants to do with them. One example is Bitcoin as money. Government has been given the authority to coin money. Bitcoin as private money is proving that people don't need government money, and that government can't force people to use government money.

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