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Is selling your own property a PRIVILEGE?

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Virtually all Americans have been inculcated their whole life (at least in states with "sales tax") that the "sales tax" applies to most everything with sometimes a few "category exemptions". Does it really? In order to determine if "sales tax" applies, there are key qualifier words that should be clearly understood in this context! privilege excise tax person individual citizen retailer Besides just the general principle of a "sales tax", when one understands when it does and does not apply, this will lead to removing another obstacle to many regarding the use of open Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash.

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Place your RE in trust. Make another trust to be the trustee of that trust. You be the trustee of the second trust, which is trustee of the first. When you find a buyer for your RE, let him place a Bitcoin wallet in trust. Let him become the trustee of a second trust that is trustee of the Bitcoin trust. Then make each other successor trustees of each other's trusts. After this, both of you resign from your trustee position in your original trust. Now, you are trustee of something else, but there was no sale of property. Think about it in detail before you do this.

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