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Bill Gates Slams Solar Energy


Bill Gates talks green energy...

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Comment by Ed Price
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Bill Gates has a fundamental understanding of climate change, wrong. We need global warming and much more CO2. Why? CO2 promotes plant growth. Plant growth promotes animal growth. Both plants and animals feed more of the population. Global warming opens up more land in Canada, Siberia and Antarctica for habitation. GW also puts more moisture in the air so that deserts like the Sahara are watered, thereby opening them up to farm and habitation. More moisture in the air allows for more H2O2 to be created naturally, thereby eradicating more diseases, naturally. All of this means that the population will grow. As the population grows, so do the number of geniuses and great thinkers. We need these kinds of thinkers to design the methods we will need if we want to go to the stars.