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It's Not the Internet That's Dark. It's Humanity.


From degrading comments to vile posts to videos that urge self-harm, the internet is a cesspool that shows the worst of humankind. Pedophilia, hate, racism, sexism, rape, animal abuse, bullying, and murder are everywhere. But it's not the internet that is the problem. It's humanity.

Children are urged to self-harm…maybe.

There's the ultra-creepy Momo Challenge, which is a suicide "game" aimed at young children. Some sick individually actually took videos meant for children and spliced in horrible, creepy instruction of how to kill themselves, with threats that a creature of nightmares would do it for them if they didn't comply. Instructions like, go to the kitchen, get your mom's sharpest knife, and stick it in your neck. Three children are suspected to have died due to this vile and twisted "game." I can't even wrap my head around the mind of a person who would do this.

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