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"Grounds For Impeachment" If Trump Tried To Block AT&T-Time Warner Deal...

•, Tyler Durden

Based on intel from a "well-informed" (but once again anonymous) source, the New Yorker reports that in the summer of 2017 - several months before the DOJ filed its antitrust lawsuit, Trump allegedly had an Oval Office sit-down with Cohn and then-chief of staff John Kelly in which he wanted to "make sure" the DOJ lawsuit seeking to block the merger was filed. 

"I've been telling Cohn to get this lawsuit filed and nothing's happened!" Trump reportedly told Kelly. "I've mentioned it 50 times. And nothing's happened. I want to make sure it's filed. I want that deal blocked!"

According to the New YorkerTrump's opposition to the deal was thought to be motivated by his hatred for CNN, which is owned by Time Warner. If true, according to George Conway, "such an attempt to use presidential authority to seek retribution for the exercise of First Amendment rights would unquestionably be grounds for impeachment," he tweeted.