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Truly Not Getting It: French President Emmanuel Macron's Manifesto

• by Mike Mish Shedlock

Emmanuel Macron published an op-ed in 28 member states.

The "Brexit Impasse is a Lesson for Us All" said Macron.

That's certainly a refreshing opinion. But the details show his manifesto is nothing more than a self-serving promotion for the upcoming EU parliament elections in his name.

He wants "tougher joint action on internet hate speech, the supervision of internet giants, new competition rules, a minimum European wage and a new defense treaty."

In short, Macron wants more immigration, more government interference in the free markets, more support for the family farm and family bookstores, and an EU military that has no purpose other than more warmongering.

He calls for a Europe-wide agency "for the protection of democracies" to shield against electoral interference from outside powers comes as campaigning for May's European parliament elections gets underway.