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The Democrats are Provoking Russia and China to Attack the United States


I have been having a recurring nightmare about Chinese tanks rolling down the burned out cinders of my house and my neighbors. I can hear, in my dream, the sound of the Chinese soldiers executing the survivors as they approach my house. The dream is always the same. From my hiding spot, I can see the Chinese tanks firing a a single shell into each house.

This is followed by the Chinese soldiers running into the houses and executing any living thing, including pets and people. The houses are looted by Chinese soldiers exiting the destroyed homes. Then in my dream, my home is next. This is a dream that repeats often and increases in intensity and detail with subsequent reoccuring dream. Lately, the Chinese soldiers have been wearing the blue helmets of the United Nations.

In the past 3 months, I have received communications from our followers about similar dreams. Here is an example:

Dear Dave,

Thanks for all that you are doing for your country. If my dreams are prophetic, we are in a lot of trouble. You may think that this dream I have is crazy, but I want to share with your for your response. My wife and I used to have the same dream on a repeating basis. In each instance, there were Chinese soldiers inside of white UN tanks who are rolling up the highway toward our housing development. We used to live in Tucson. We followed your and the Hagmanns when you have talked about foreign troops on our soil that are going to destroy us. We were eventually convinced to get away from the border and move north. Today, we live in Montana. However the dreams continued for my wife. I am really frightened that this danger is coming to America…..

Steve and Debbie

I have also received several other emails which are similar in nature.

When Trump was first elected, I was convinced that Russia and the UN would become great allies and would serve to block the growing Chinese menace and the UN conspiracy to keep Russia and America apart.

Recent current events have served to strengthen my resolve that the globalists must keep Russia and America apart as the continue to dismantle the world's food supply, for purposes of control and to collapse all economies thus causing a mass die-off due to famine. Only a Russian and American alliance can stop this insidious plot.

The Purposes of the Russian-Collusion-Delusion Mueller Investigation

When the Mueller "Russian Collusion Delusion" witch hunt began, I said from the beginning that the investigation was legitimately looking into Russian collusion in the 2016 election by the President and his campaign staff. Rather, the investigation had the following goals:

Smear the President's name so he could not get re-elected in 2020 by using the confirmation bias psyop.

Keep Putin and Trump from consolidating a joint alliance against the central bankers (ie the New World Order).

Conceal the treasonous crimes of Uranium One in which Mueller and the Clintons conspired to sell and deliver 25% of America's high enriched uranium supply to the Russians. Please note that in the 1950's the American government executed the Rosenbergs for less. In 2019, if we applied the same level of Constitutional justice, the clintons and Mueller wod be executed by the government. Please note that this website has, on 3 occasions published incontrovertible proof of the guilt of the Clintons, Mueller and the Clinton Foundation conspiracy to sell Uranium to the Russians.

This plot has been wildly successful and much of the resulting propaganda handed control of the government's spending agency (ie the House of Representatives) back to the Deep State in service to the NWO.