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Impeach Roger Stone's Judge, Berman-Jackson, Immediately

• Eagle Action Report

It's not enough that Roger Stone had his house raided by the FBI and was placed under an unconstitutional gag order; on February 21st, Berman-Jackson tightened that gag order over a photo posted to Instagram by Stone.

Liberal judges can be such snowflakes.

And now? As of March 10, Berman-Jackson is considering revoking his bail over a book he released regarding the Mueller investigation before the gag order was placed, after Robert Mueller himself tipped her off, citing irritation that Stone's lawyers "misled" her about the timing of the book's release.

Stone may be faced with the same fate as Paul Manafort, whom Berman-Jackson has incarcerated in solitary confinement to this day while he awaits his "speedy trial."

Who is Amy Berman-Jackson?

She has a long history of violating the Constitution she swore to uphold in favor of pushing her left-wing views

In 2011, she was appointed by Obama to the D.C. District Court

In 2013, she ruled against religious freedom in favor of Obamacare

In 2017, she dismissed the wrongful death lawsuits against Hillary Clinton filed by two of the surviving families in Benghazi, deciding that her gross negligence as Secretary of State had nothing to do with the deaths of their loved ones.

Yes, she covered for Hillary Rodham-Clinton and denied the surviving families of the Benghazi victims their day in court!

Contact Congress today and let them know that it's time to remove this partisan judge from office!

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