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In pictures: The colorful, colossal Quartzite RV Show

• by Joe Salas

I'd heard of the Quartzite RV Show in the past. Before I owned or even thought of owning an RV, somehow it had ended up on my radar. It's that big. Now that I travel full-time in an RV for work, it was a must-do event for myself and my significant other. During the colder winter months, we end up in the southern part of the United States often. It's not that I really consider myself to be a "snowbird," as they're called, it just happens to be that way by coincidence. So it transpired that in January this year we were in the area, and I'd slated the Quartzite RV Show on my calendar.

This year was the 36th annual event and I was very excited to see the show, meet the locals and take in the sights. Upon arriving in Quartzite, I could immediately see that I would not be disappointed. I'd never seen so many RVs in a single location – thousands dotted the landscape as far as I could see into the desert and on the mountain sides.

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